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15 Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Montevideo Uruguay

15 vegan veg rest montevideo uruguay


Address: Boulevard Artigas 1176 (at Canelones, Pocitos area), Montevideo, Uruguay

Telephone: +598 2709 5554

Hours: Mon-Sat 12:30pm-3:00pm, Thu-Sat 8:00pm-1:00am

Cuisine: Lacto, Juice bar, Uruguayan, Beer/Wine


Sabor Urbano

Address: 26 de Marzo 1399 esq. L. Perez (at Pocitos), Montevideo, Uruguay

Hours: +598 2707 8519

Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Ovo, Uruguayan, Belarussian, Fast food


La Papa

Address: Av Gonzalo Ramirez 1972, Montevideo, Uruguay

Telephone: + 598 2419 9784

Hours: Mon 7:30pm-12:00am, Tue-Fri 12:30pm-8:00pm

Cuisine: Vegan, Organic, International, Juice bar, Beer/Wine


Bosque Bambu

Address: San Jose | El Centro, Montevideo 1060, Uruguay

Telephone: +598 2902 7720

Hours: Mon – Sat 11:30 am – 3:00 pm

Cuisine: Vegetarian 



Address: Uruguay 1923 (at Fernández Crespo / Arenal Grande), Montevideo, Uruguay

Telephone: +598 2403 5088

Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Ovo, Chinese, Taiwanese, Fast food, Buffet, Take-out, Delivery


Barra 7

Address: Canelones 799 (at Florida corner), Montevideo, 10000

Telephone: + 598 2901 7156

Hours: Mon-Sat 9:30am-11:00pm

Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Ovo, Lacto, Western, Latin American, Juice bar, Beer/Wine, Take-out, Delivery


Espacio Samsara Buffet Vegetariano

Address: Zabala 1316 (at Sarandi and Buenos Aires), Montevideo, Uruguay

Telephone: +598 2915 1949

Hours: Mon-Fri 11:30am-3:30pm

Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, International, Buffet, Take-out


La Olla de Barro

Address: Maldonado 1390, Montevideo, Uruguay

Telephone: +598 2900 6560

Hours: Mon-Fri 12:00pm-3:30pm

Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Ovo, Lacto, Organic


La Vegetariana – Centro

Address: 1369 Yi, Centro, Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay

Telephone: +598 2902 3178

Hours: Mon-Fri 11:30am-3:30pm, Mon-Thu 7:30pm-12:00am, Fri-Sat 8:00pm-12:30am

Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Uruguayan, South American, Buffet


La Vegetariana – Pocitos

Address: 2729 Calle Libertad (at Av Brasil), Montevideo, Uruguay

Telephone: +598 2709 8272, +598 2709 4208

Hours: Mon-Fri 11:30am-3:30pm, 7:00pm-12:00am, Sat-Sun 8:00am-10:00pm

Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Ovo, Lacto, Uruguayan, South American, Buffet


Mercado Verde – Jaime Zudanes

Address: Jaime Zudanes 2511, Montevideo, Uruguay

Telephone: +598 2910 1999

Hours: Mon-Sat 9:30am-8:00pm

Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Organic, Juice bar, Western, Raw, Latin American, Uruguayan, Take-out


Mercado Verde – Pacites Alberdi

Address: Pacites Alberdi 6587, Montevideo, Uruguay

Telephone: +598 2601 5763

Hours: Mon-Sat 9:30am-8:00pm

Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Organic, Juice bar, Western, Raw, Latin American, Uruguayan, Take-out


Vida Sana

Address: Tristan Narvaja entre 18 de Julio y Colonia (at centre of Montevideo), Montevideo, Uruguay

Telephone: +598 9427 7249

Cuisine: Vegan-friendly, Chinese, International, Fast food, Buffet, Take-out


Maki Sushi

Address: Bartolomé Mitre 1486, Montevideo, Uruguay

Telephone: +598 2916 3552

Hours: Tue-Sat 7:30pm-12:00am

Cuisine: Japanese, Delivery, Non-veg


Moshi Moshi

Address: 26 de Marzo 3353 y Pereyra de La Luz, Montevideo 20100, Uruguay

Telephone: +598 2622 6040

Hours: Mon – Tue 11:59 am – 3:00 pm, Thu – Tue 7:00 pm – 12:00 pm, Thu – Sat 11:59 am – 3:00 pm

Cuisines: Japanese, Vegan

If there are any other vegan or vegetarian restaurants that need to be on this list, post in comments. What has been your experience at these restaurants? If you liked this post, share, like and subscribe.

Source: Happy Cow, Trip Advisors, Caramelos de Lima – La Papa

Image Credit: stuarthampton