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5 Budget friendly things to do in Montevideo Uruguay


Photo by: Peter Shinen
Photo by: Peter Shinen

1. Visit the Ciudad Vieja

Take a stroll around the city. You can get free maps and information at the tourism office next to the town hall or Tres Cruces.

2. Check out the city from above

Get a free ticket from the tourism office to view the city from the terrace above the town hall.

3. Take a walk and discover the architecture

Since the city has so much European influence, you can see a riveting architectural style throughout the city of Montevideo. You can discover by walking around the city, taking the bus and you may even stumble across captivating street art.

4. Take a stroll along the “La Rambla”

Take a stroll or workout along the 22 km “Rambla.” You can see sail boats, container ships and stop to admire the vast ocean.

5. Food

Food is one the the best parts of a travel experience. Uruguay people consume great deal of barbecue and various meats. They have some great sandwiches called Chivito or the Papa Fritas con asado. They also have vegan/vegetarian options if you do not enjoy or restricted from eating meat.


Source: Back-Packer