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A Blog from Uruguay

Classic love story, a couple of teens got together, love at first sight. Married in our teens right after high school. Now after almost a decade of being together, we still find life full of love, wonder and adventure.

“This is the best years of our lives, and we are wasting it away working to the bone for the future. What about the present?” ~ Michelle

 “He who is well travelled knows much, and a person of experience understands what he is talking about. He who has little experience knows little, but travel increases a person’s resources.” ~ Ecclesiasticus 34:9-10


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Peter – I grew up in Madera, California. A small town in the shadows of Fresno.


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Michelle – Hi! Growing up in Los Angeles, my family did lots of camping trips around the U.S. I’ve always dreamed of traveling the world. Family and experiences are at the front of my goals.


Baby E – Baby E is a new addition to our family. She was born in Uruguay in the month of June of 2014.