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Donald Trumps Uruguay

Whether you are a fan or not of Donald Trump, is no barring on the buildings that bear his mark. His company has developed projects around the world. His company that has a large portfolio of buildings that anybody would be proud to own, now is expanding into South America. First stop Punta del Este, Uruguay. A bed for the rich and famous.


Rising 23 stories, Trump Tower Punta del Este will contain 125 luxury apartments. Price starting from $700,000 and will go to $2.5 million. Target market will be wealthy people from Brazil, Argentina and the USA. Estimated completion in 2016.

Trump is setting up more deals every year with countries outside the US. Seems that he sees more value investing oversees.

Trump has hired Dujovne-Hirsch & Associates to handle the design, YY Development Group from Argentina to handle construction.




  • thehighwayisgreen

    I’m curious about this project considering the current political environment. Is this one of the projects baring Trump’s name that fell through from completion? Or did the speculated date of 2016 come through?
    I’m thinking we may plan to remain expats for another 4 years depending on November’s outcome! How about you?