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EGL Podcast 102 — PART 1: How to get residency in Uruguay talk with Attorney Juan Federico Fischer

Juan Federico Fischer

Juan Federico Fischer is the managing partner of Fischer & Schickendantz (, one of Uruguay’s leading law firms. Both a lawyer and an M.B.A., he manages the firm’s foreign investment consulting unit, advising multinationals and individual investors in foreign direct investments in real estate developments, acquisition of local companies, agricultural enterprises and privatizations.




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Some questions asked and answered

  • How difficult is it to get residency in Uruguay?
  • Can you explain the process to obtain residency?
  • Can a foreigner get citizenship in Uruguay?
  • Uruguay signing into the hague apostille convention in the recent years has this affected the residency process?
  • Is there some circumstances that make it easier for people to obtain residency?
  • Is there any new laws that people considering moving to Uruguay should know about?
  • What would be the benefits of going with a firm such as Fischer & Schickendantz vs going out on your own to get your legal residency status?
  • Jeff

    That was a very informative interview Peter. I really appreciate you posting it. I have seen a few different expat sites out there, but these interviews you posted really raise the bar. Thanks, or should I say ” gracias! “

    • egl2014

      Thanks for the comment Jeff!