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EGL Interview: Rob and Natalie from Love and Road travel blog

This is an interview that I did with Rob from Love and Road. They are a couple traveling the world and writing about their experiences. I am so glad they shared their experiences with me. So here goes their story…

Lovebirds travelling the world. Rob is a freak runner and I´m Natalie a polish nail addicted. He needs to put some weight, I need to stop partying. We are in our 30`s and after eight years of relationship we discovered that together we can do amazing things. To hit the road we sold everything we had, from shoes to our car. Left Brazil with 2 backpacks, some dreams and a saving account. We are Love and Road a blog that discusses our experiences from all over the world.  Our goal is to become professional travels, tell our story, meet new people and live!


Is it just the two of you or do you have a family that you are taking along?

Only me and my wife Natalie. After a few months on the road we started to think about having a baby. Let`s see…

Where did you live before you decided to go on your international excursion?

We both lived in Itajai a small city in Southern Brazil. After 1 year dating we decided to move to Dublin, Ireland. Stayed there for 2 years.

How did you end deciding to travel and live abroad?

After 2 amazing years in Dublin we were bitten by the travel bug. Last year we got married, our honeymoon was in Ukraine,Turkey and Ireland. When we returned to Brazil we were depressed and realized that we need to travel more. After a couple of months planning our journey, on April 2014 we left Brazil for good.

What country did you pick first and why?

Our first idea was to move to Australia, good weather,  safe, steady economy… But then we realized that we would be stuck in one place again. So we decided to be digital nomads.  Any place with a decent internet connection and affordable prices are welcome.

Our initial plan was to fly from Brazil straight to Thailand but the tickets were way too expensive. We opted to fly to Madrid, Spain, spend some time in Europe and them fly to Asia. The combination of flights were cheaper than the direct one and we have the opportunity to see some friends in Europe.

What were the challenges you faced when moving abroad?

Visas,  even holding a Brazilian passport which is “Visa free” in over 140 countries  we face problems with Visa.  Specially with Europe, we are not allowed to stay over 90 days.

Income is always a big thing when it comes to moving internationally, how did you guys make it work?

We rented our house and one apartment in Brazil, this is our main income. All the other possessions were sold, car, furniture, clothes… so we have some savings. Our travel blog is our  full time job and we started to earn money with advertisement and affiliated links.  The idea is to make the travelblog our main source of income in the next months.

What countries have you traveled and lived in?

We visited 32 countries. Lived in Brazil for over 25 years, in Ireland for 2 years, Turkey for almost 3 months and currently in Thailand for over a month.

What is your favorite place to live in?

Barcelona!!!!  Beaches, parties, culture, history… you can have it all in Barcelona. The problem is the price tag.

If you only had five spectacular destination to visit again, where would you go?

This one is hard… So far our list would be:


Cabo de Gata National Park, Spain

Capadocia, Turkey


Budapest, Hungary

How did you learn new languages?

We learned English in a private school in Dublin.

Our mother tongue is Portuguese so it`s easy to pick Spanish and Italian.  We usually try to learn with online tools but sometimes (most of the time) we fail on consistency.

What do you wish you would have done before moving internationally?

Sorted out all the issues and launched our website before our travel. This for sure would have helped a LOT.

What are your regrets, if any, that you have regarding your moving abroad?

A TEFL certificate. We could have studied in Ireland to get it but we haven’t. This would give us more opportunities in several countries today.

What would you say to people wanting to move abroad?

Go for it! There is nothing in life that will teach you more than living in a different country . You will learn about the world and specially about yourself.



  • Love and Road

    Thanks for sharing our stories… All th best!

    • egl2014

      I enjoyed the interview. The best to you guys also!