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Farmers Market in Uruguay (Feria)

Uruguay has a bountiful of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can find a fruit stand on every corner. Bursting out with fresh, in season produce.

The word Feria (fair) is a word that the locals use for Farmers Market. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays there is a open farmers market in the morning where people come together to sell all kinds of things. Sellers come together to offer fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, health products, clothes, plants and much more. The fish is usually brought to the rest of the Uruguay states from Montevideo. In order to obtain the freshest produce you need to go on Sunday and/or Tuesday.

The farmers market is regulated through the heath and hygiene department. We found that their are some of the vendors you have to look out for. I have come across a few that try to squeeze a few extra peso’s from you or don’t give you the freshest picks. Usually the fruits or vegetables are picked out by the sellers. However we usually get right in there to make sure we get the best pickings.

00 article farmers market 3

(Fruit Stand Boxes) (Photography By Peter)

00 article farmer market 1

(Fruit Stand Wall of Fruits and Vegetables) (Photography by Peter)

One thing you want to do is buy in season. If you know what is in season you can save some money. In the winter for example, eggs go up in price because the chickens are not producing as much. You can buy lettuce during the summer time, however the price is double. In the U.S. people can get lazy by not knowing what is in season.

At this moment, it is winter in Uruguay. You can buy beets, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and kale.

I have built a vertical garden on our balcony out of water bottles. Pretty cool! I am growing lettuce,  broccoli, purple cabbage, and beets. I do not need to water very often because of the rain.

00 veridical wall garden

(22 Plants on a small balcony area) (Photography by Peter)

My wife and I have figured that it is better to buy every day at the fruit stands for a family of two. We would go to the grocery store once week in the US. However, here in Uruguay there produce goes bad quicker. Less chemicals and preservative. Now we go to the fruit stands every couple of days or when we need to, so nothing goes to waste.

In my opinion, most of the things you find in the farmers market with the exception of fresh eggs and fish you can find at the fruit stands. The eggs at the fruit stands are probably very fresh, however they do not refrigerate their eggs and you do not know how long they have been sitting on the shelf, especially during the summer.

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