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Funny TSA (Transportation Security Administration) encounter

In 2012, we traveled with my cousins to Uruguay to see if it would be place we could call home. We had lots of people who had bought into the hollywood propaganda of Colombian drug trade, trying to convince us that all of South America was unsafe.

We check in at the kiosk at LAX and head upstairs to security. Due to the possibility of getting rubber-gloved, I do not advise for you to reenact what happened next. I put all my items in the gray plastic tubs and then went into the full body scanner. Here is the dialogue that occurred between the nice, young male TSA agent and I on the other side:

TSA AGENT: “please lift up your hands.”

ME: lift up hands, silent

TSA AGENT: enhanced pat down started, quiet and gentle

ME: “hey, hey this is only our first date!”

TSA AGENT: quiet, little smile, finishes with pat down.

ME: gestured fake phone to ear; “call me.”

I want to assure you, I had no troubles-just a little laugh. What funny stories do you have with TSA? Share in the comments.