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Getting around Uruguay from MVD – Carrasco International Airport

My wife finally had our baby girl in Uruguay. What an experience to be in a foreign land and not knowing the language. My mother-in-law decided to come visit the new baby from California. What a surprise that was (good surprise). Father-in-law was pretty particular about having someone pick her up from the airport (Aeropuerto), I was planning from the beginning that someone would go and pick her up.

I left on a 2 am bus from our city which is about four and half hours from the capital city. The bus was a very comfortable ride, slept the whole time, they had to wake me up at the terminal. The central terminal for Montevideo, Uruguay is called Tres Cruces Shopping Terminal. I jumped into a taxi from Tres Cruces to the airport. I had to wait in line in front of the terminal for the taxi, the line went by fairly quickly. The taxi ride was around 50 minutes and cost $U 745 pesos (around U$S 32). The taxi driver was friendly and dropped me off at arrivals. There was only an official taxi company at the airport that I was able to take (so I thought) at the airport. Men dress in nice clothing, driving Mercedes Benz cars and a shuttle that was Mercedes Benz. I took the shuttle with my mother-in-law. The cost was $U 280 per person or U$S 12. The shuttle only leaves when seats fill up. So if you are in a hurry the taxi will cost around $U 980 to take to Tres Cruces. When you arrive the place to reserve the taxi is on the right hand side out of the gate.

Carrasco International Airport

What a place to see. Not very large compared to some US airports, however the architecture is great to see. Carrasco International Airport encompasses the modern direction that Uruguay wants to head in.

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Options to get around Uruguay

Rent a car

Renting a car is a great option if you want to have freedom to drive everywhere. However in the central part of Montevideo it can be intimidating. Lots of one way streets and people drive crazy. Most cars are also stick and there are hills. You can rent a car that is manual or automatic. Lots of big name rental companies Hertz, Budget, Dollar and a few other local names to get pricing from. The prices range from U$S 35 plus per day. Gas (Naphtha) is Uruguay is around U$S 7 per gallon. I do not have any financial connection with these companies.

Marinio Sport

Plus Rent a Car

Take a taxi

If you are going to drive around and site see, the taxi can get very expensive. However if you are just going to a few places and taking a bus from there this can be cheaper then renting a car. Taxi cars run around U$S 5 per time for short distances. A little more at night.

From the airport you can take the official taxi for the Aeropuerto or you can call a taxi company near the airport to pick you up. I found a company (have not tried them) that will take you from the airport to the bus terminal for around $U 700. This is $U 280 pesos cheaper then the official airport taxi. The taxi service is listed below.

Parada de Taxi РCalcagno Shangrila 

+598 2682 0400

If you have a hotel booked, they may have a shuttle that will pick you up.

Bus system

Uruguay has a bus system that goes throughout the cities. However it will take you longer and you will have to know routes and some spanish to get around. You could ask for a connecting ticket to save some money. The bus is the cheapest form to travel out of everything. For a few bucks you can travel some distance. If you have an adventurous side and want to try it, just hop on and do it.

Bus terminal for distance travel

Tres Cruces Shopping Terminal is a 3 story building with 2 stories being a mall. They have a McCafe, Subway, McDonalds and other places to get ice cream and food.

tres cruces copay bus

From Tres Cruces you can go anywhere in Uruguay for relatively cheap price. The bus system is the best to travel throughout Uruguay for a relative low price. You can travel 4 1/2 hours for under U$S 25.

As always, be adventurous!