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Language Courses

Language Courses

What language do they speak in Uruguay?

In Uruguay, Spanish is spoke in a dialect that is referred to as castellano rioplatense. The prevalent influence from Spain makes it sound nothing like Mexican Spanish.

Because Uruguay is such a small country, there aren’t programs that I could find to learn Spanish in Uruguay. However, Uruguay’s next door neighbor Argentina is a huge country and they happen to speak the same dialect of Spanish. (Although Argentines may have a few possible variations of their rioplatanese)



How I am Learning Spanish in Uruguay

I came to Uruguay with little-to-no Spanish under my belt. I was learning by studying words that I would use often like numbers, days of the week and greetings. But a year went by and I felt like I hit a plateau in my learning. I was more concerned about getting my web design business off the ground then learning Spanish. So starting the New Year I decided to kick it up a notch.

Here are the tools I recommend to learning Spanish. (these tools can help you learn other languages also). Full disclosure, I am a affiliate with some of these programs. But I would only recommend things if they are used by me personally or come with a high recommendation.

Yabla – In this program, they have all kinds of dialects of Spanish. I went into the search bar and typed in Argentina and pages were populated with Argentina dialect Spanish only. I’m able to watch music videos, conversations, episodes and more. When I watch, I am able to put the conversations on slow motion and loop the track to keep repeating. Also an English > Spanish and Spanish < English dictionary shows up on the side. The program cost is currently running at $9.95/mo. for all access Spanish.


FI3M – This is a program created by Benny Lewis who is a Polyglot. A polyglot is one who speaks multiple languages. He created this “Essential Guide” that I believe can be useful for you. This program usually runs at $297 but is discounted to $97 at this time. Check out him speaking at TEDx below.


Other great tools

Here are some other tools that profoundly helped me with getting around Uruguay and learning words.

Jibbigo App – This app is free if you have WIFI or internet connection. However if you would like to go offline then you can pick the type of language you want to purchase and you can access it offline on your smartphone. I give a FIVE STAR review on this app.

Duolingo – I really like this app because it makes learning a game. You have to pass levels to move forward. Its interactive and fun to learn. The program comes out with new languages often and beats a boring text book any day.

Have fun learning!!!