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Learning Spanish – El Alfabeto (the alphabet) Lesson 1

Learning the spanish alphabet is the  same as the english alphabet for the most part, because everything is in the english phonetics. What you have to learn, is how to make the sounds. Listed below are the letters and the sounding of those letters. Now there are different types of spanish, the two types that are most prominent are Spain Spanish and Mexican Spanish. In Uruguay they speak more of a Spain Spanish, specifically a Castilian Spanish.

Spanish Letter            English Sound

a                                      ah (as in ah-ha)

ai                                     i/y (as in he)

au                                    ow (as in Audi)

b                                      b (as in bee)

c                                      (before e or i)

–                                       s (as in see)

–                                       (elsewhere)

–                                        k (as in kite)

ch                                    ch (as in children)

d                                      d (as in doctor)

e                                      eh (as in pet)

ei                                     ay (as in May)

er                                     air (fair)

eu                                    eh-oo (as in Eugene)

f                                       f (as in Fang)

g                                      g (as in gum)

h                                      silent (though)

i                                       ee (as in equal)

j                                       h (as in ha)

k                                      k (as in Kenya)

l                                       l (as in loot)

ll                                      zh (similar to juice)

m                                     m (as in Mary)

n                                      n (as in knee)

ñ                                      n-y (as in canyon)

o                                      oh (as in olive)

oi                                      oy (as in boy)

oy                                     oy (as in boy)

p                                      p (as in Petro)

q*                                     k (as in keene)

r                                       r (as in ridge)

rr                                      rr (as in terra)

s                                      s (as in Sam)

t                                       t (as in toe)

u                                      oo (as in urban)

ua                                    wah (as in wash)

ue                                    weh (as in manuel)

v                                      v (as in vehicle)

w                                     w (as in wash)

x                                      k-s/s (as in max-see)

y                                      zh (similar to juice)

z                                      s (as in saw)

Rolling of the rrrr…

Like in English, “q” is always joined with the letter “u.” The letter “u” is silent.

Do not worry if you do not speak perfect spanish before going to a country that speaks spanish. With a bit of charades you will start picking up on things. A great offline app that I use is Jibbigo. It is great to translate for English to Spanish or Spanish to English.

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