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Please do not remain seated

Traveling can be a perfect time to catch on sleep, your favorite tv shows and trashy mags. I don’t know about everyone else but staying fit by working out is not on my mind while getting to my destination. But the truth is, sitting immobile for long periods is a perfect recipe for blood clots and dehydration: two detrimental states of being for your health.

Sitting for more than 4 hours on a plane doubles yours risk of developing a blood clot, according to the World Health Organization. The blood clots that can develop when sitting in  cramped positions, coupled with dehydration cause Deep Vein Thrombosis. (or DVT) Travelers have died when these clots dislodged and traveled through their blood stream to the lungs: cutting off oxygen to the heart. I really stress to drink A LOT of water because dehydration with decreased oxygen (high altitude) causes your blood to  respond by increasing your platelet count and your blood thickening. Most people don’t like to drink water because they have to get up and use the restroom and hate getting past people if they are sitting by the window. I recommend you drink up because going to the bathroom is a perfect opportunity to do some of the exercises that I’m listing below. Like I’ve mentioned in my article about flying while pregnant, not moving around for a 9 hour flight really messed with my sciatic nerve and now I have problems with leg cramping. (never had issues before!)

Also, take care that you are avoiding caffeinated and alcoholic beverages as they will really dry you out! You can bring your own empty water bottle through the airport and have a steward fill up it up once you get on the plane. Yes, packing your own snacks is allowed! The best ones pack small but are nutritionally dense, don’t stink (I’m looking at you tuna), don’t require silverware or tupperwares. Some good ideas include crackers and chunky peanut butter, bagged nuts, dried fruit, baby carrots (or any veggies baby-sized). Dark chocolate is always nice! Also feel free to add lean meat.


20 calf raises and if there is room, 20 squats.


Keep feet firmly planted on the ground and pull belly button to your spine. Squeeze butt cheeks and abs in and hold for 5 seconds, release and repeat 10 times.

Pull abs in and squeeze in stomach as hard as you can. Rotate to the right and hold for one count and then repeat on the left. You may inspire your neighbor to join you!

Bring feet off the floor a couple of inches. Squeeze butt cheeks and connect your knees together. Hold this for 3 seconds and release. Repeat 20 times, this is amazing for toning your legs.

Put your hands on the armrest and straighten your arms to lift yourself up and down, targeting your triceps and pointing elbows behind you. Repeat 25 times.

Using one arm at a time, hold a purse or backpack (bonus if there is any extra weight added: laptop, water bottle, book, etc.). Curl is up until your arm is bent at 90 degrees and hold for 30-60 seocnds. Do 4-5 of these for each arm.