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Tips for Flying while Pregnant

One of my favorite places to be at is an airport! It’s so full of energy: people from all over the world bustling back and forth, lines full of customers who want to pick up a quick latte, the anticipation of boarding a plane, millions of different destinations. I’ve always loved the look of a chicly dressed girl rolling along with her carryon. #Airportfashion and #travelfashion was a topic I regularly researched online and that always included the cool products in your purse that help keep you feeling refreshed and like a celebrity. Just reading about how to fly comfortably and what to do to keep you occupied during a long flight gave me immense excitement for next time I was gonna get to fly somewhere. Once I realized that I would be 5 months pregnant on a 15+ hour flight, fashion priorities shifted to comfort big time!

Here is an overview of my preggo outfit for the flight:

  1. Black, stretchy maternity top with green cardigan (Pea in the Pod)
  2. Super soft purple scarf (with an extra pashmina shawl in purse for added warmth)
  3. Black maternity leggings (Destination Maternity)
  4. Thick, warm socks
  5. Combat boots (Steve Madden)
  6. Tortoise shell watch (Michael Kors)
  7. Crossbody bag (Urban Expressions)

This outfit was super comfy without looking tacky/touristy. Even though the boots easily unzipped for quick removal, I would advise for preggos to wear something that slips off your feet easier (like Tom’s) and has some stretch to it in case your feet swell.

You should always get permission from your doctor before flying if you are pregnant, especially if you are high risk. (Thankfully I wasn’t!) One of the main things that most articles will tell you is to get up and walk around the plane every few hours. Being that we were on an overnight flight (in first class baby!!), I slept mostly and pretty much never walked around. BAD! I have never experienced leg cramps and charlie horses before this trip and I really think it messed it up for me. Now I get charlie horses in my legs if I stretch them the wrong way. Bottom line: GET UP AND WALK AROUND!

Here are some travel must haves that were with me in my purse:

  1. Dry shampoo/volumizing texture powder (Pret a Powder by Bumble and Bumble)
  2. Pomegranate cleansing and makeup removing wipes (Korres)
  3. Thieves hand sanitizer (Young Living)
  4. Lip gloss (Buxom)
  5. Kindle Paperwhite reader

First class provided us with eye mask, toothbrush/toothpaste, socks, earplugs, pillow/blanket, tablet for watching movies. We were so set!

From previous experience, we learned that going to sleep and waking up on the same schedule as everyone else in your new location was the best way to beat jet lag. This did not prove to be true for this pregnant mama! It took me 2 weeks of sleeping until 1 pm for me to recover from that trip, don’t feel guilty! It’s important to take good care of yourself at this time. Drink tons of fluids and eat really nutrient dense foods after such a long trip, your baby will thank you for it! Relax with warm showers and keep feet elevated if they swell. Here are some more things to consider before traveling while pregnant:

-Consult with your doctor any potential risks in regard to your pregnancy. For example, a women with gestational diabetes or a multiple pregnancy is usually advised not to fly.

-Air travel in the last 6 weeks of pregnancy COULD trigger premature labor.

-Always check policies with your airline: some won’t allow a woman over 35 weeks to fly, or may require a doctor’s note.

-Check fine print of your travel insurance-some policies may not cover pregnancy.

-If you cannot fly business/first class, its nice to book a bulkhead seat or one near the exit for extra leg room.

-Booking an aisle seat makes going to the toilet much easier!