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Top 5 International Destinations for Survivalists, Expats or Retires

Rome, a country synonymous with the true achievement of success. They were at the pinnacle of their world, climbing higher then any other civilization of its time. Written in the annals of history to this day. Historians have examined the fall of Rome, to discover what are the things that brought this glorious civilization to its knees. There are several factors, but a few are extended social programs, watered down military, huge debt obligations, corruption, over reliance on slaves (outsourced labor), loss of a moral value system and the rise of powerful surrounding countries. Some now compare the West with Rome. A country that was once a shining star has weakened. For some this is a belief of needing to prepare for whats to come; some believe that an exodus is needed. Whatever the reason, there are places that are considered top destinations for survivalists. Survivalists are people who try to insure the survival of individual or collaborative whole.

There are some search categories that were used to discover what are the places to go. The following categories are: ease of obtaining residency, freedom to express oneself, economic opportunity and freedom, cost of living, mostly self-sufficient of the necessities (food, water, and shelter) and less independence on the West.

For those who are considering moving internationally or have so already, it is important to note that you are moving into someone else’s territory. One of the biggest complaints from locals is that people want to push American ways on locals. Be respectful when you are traveling to other places. When you have lived in an area for an extended period of time, say 10 years, then maybe you can be a little more understanding of the people and the heritage of the people.



Chile has become a fully developed country with all the modern amenities. Chili has a vibrant farming community. Some of the two vocal “escape artists”, Simon Black and Jeff Berwick agree that Chile is the top country for Survivalists. The have a growing expat community, combined with the lower cost of living makes this country an escape destination. Residency process is fairly easy.



Uruguay became our choice for several reasons: first, Uruguay has a great water supply from rain and underwater reservoirs; second, is they produce an abundance of their own fruit, vegetables and meat; third, the residency process was not to difficult and fourth, we had contacts in Uruguay. In addition to our beginning reasons, banking, business opportunities, healthcare, growing economy, and living costs. As an American you get a 3 month visa and have the option to extend another 3 months without starting the residency process.



Two things that stand out about Thailand, a Buddhist dominated country and you can’t speak unfavorable against the royal family. Thailand has some great things going for the country, great climate, has the lowest cost of living among this list, inexpensive healthcare, central location to travel into Asia and surrounding countries, great beaches and moderate difficulty to get residency. Thailand is a hot spot for many expats. Just to note you can’t own property in Thailand, you can lease for an extended period of time though or buy condos.



Forbes named Malaysia the 3rd best place to retire in the world for 2013. One of the most developed countries in Southeast Asia, a well-educated population, great infrastructure, excellent public transportation, and nearly everyone speaks English. You can open a bank account fairly easy and residency can be obtained by getting a job, starting a business or showing a 50k deposit. A rarity in the region, you can own property. Definitely a place to check out.



Thats right, Mexico. If you are not concerned with the dollar or political instability, then Ecuador, Costa Rica or Panama would be on the list also. Mexico has received lots of unflattering press most recently, due to the drug and violence issues. Those issues occur primarily in isolated areas. You can find the same all over the world and the USA. Mexico has plenty of attractive and stable areas for expats to live in. They do rely heavily on exports to North America. However, Mexico has maintained a great level of food and energy independence. Mexico national debt is 43% of its GDP compared to 106% that United States has. Mexico has public and private healthcare system. The cost of healthcare is significant lower the the US. Cost of living is relatively cheaper and getting residency is not too difficult.


Be adventurous,


Share below your opinion which countries are the best for safe havens and retirees. If you have lived or are living in any international location, email us if you are interested sharing your experiences to the community.