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Uruguay Residency Process for US Citizens – Fingerprinting at Interpol

Going to Interpol is one of many steps to getting residency in Uruguay. However if you are a U.S. citizen, you cannot get Uruguay citizenship unless you denounce your U.S. citizenship This is because the United States government does not recognize dual citizenship (It is not recommended to denounce your U.S. citizenship, you may not get it back).

After starting your residency process, Uruguay wants to submit a background check on you to the F.B.I. at their Interpol office. The main purpose of this visit is to submit your fingerprints. There are several steps that are needed to be completed.

Step 1 – You need to contact the Interpol office to set an appointment at Tel: 2152 4635. Without an appointment you can’t get fingerprinted. If you can’t make the appointment they ask that you give a 24 hour notice and reschedule. If you are 15 minutes late or more you will be given a new appointment. Address to the Interpol office is Maldonado Nro. 1109, Montevideo.

Step 2 – Bring a money order in the amount of U$S 18 (eighteen dollars) made out to the US Treasury. It has to be written in English and with the date written in the following format: Month Day, Year (e.g. Sept. 15, 2014). Please note that the US Treasury will not accept personal or business checks, as well as money orders from a bank not listed. The recommended office is the La Favorita (incorporated as Eurocam S.A.) located at Casa Central Av. 18 de Julio 1497, Montevideo, C.P. 11200, Uruguay. There telephone number  is +598 2400 4577. You will be charged an additional U$S 10 (ten dollars).

Step 3 – Bring your passport

Step 4 – Forms will be given and need to be filled out in a clear manner. Your name must be written as it appears on your passport.

Step 5 – You must be able to remember your social security number.

Step 6 – After the forms are filled out without any mistakes, you will be fingerprinted. Let your fingers be moved by the Agent.

Step 7 – After you are fingerprinted, the Agent will take you to the restroom so that you can wash  the ink off your fingers.

Step 8 – You will be given a sealed envelope with the fingerprint card, the form and the money order inside to be sent to the FBI office through a private courier. You can send it via Federal Express (FedEx), DHL or Uruguay national post office (certified letter). We mailed ours through the FedEx office on Juncal 1321 in Montevideo. You can also mail it FEDEX at Av. Rivera 3528. The mailing is pricey!! It cost us U$S 50.96 plus a U$S 5.10 (10%) national post office tax for a total of U$S 56.06

Step 9 – It will take around 2-3 months to get the background check back.

Step 10 – The document will be sent back to the Interpol office.

There are couple of things that should be noted: 

1.You may have to redo the fingerprints if the F.B.I cannot read the inked fingerprints.

2.The list of things that need to be completed is always subject to change in the future.

What is your experience with Interpol or FBI? Share any funny stories in the comment section.